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New member: FSK-BuCkEye
FSK-Uriel - 01.06.2013 10:27
We welcome our new member FSK-BuCkEye.

Itīs a pleasere to have you on board!

Community News
Merry Christmas
FSK-Uriel - 20.12.2012 08:42

FSK wishes all itīs friends and the community (as far as left) a Merry Christmas.
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Community News
TS IP changed - go and find out the right adress
FSK-Uriel - 05.08.2012 13:28
by using the link on the left navigation bar "Teamspeak"

Community News
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
FSK-Uriel - 22.12.2011 09:44
FSK sends out all the best wishes for our friends in the JO and BF communities.

2011 was a year full of changes. Big trouble in economy and a lot of bad things happened,
just to mention Fukushima.

Playing with you guys was one possibility to get some distance to all that and gave us the
chance just to relax an bit and to enjoy the little sparetime that is left.

Hope to see you all online next year.



FSK-Wolf turned a Full Member
FSK-Uriel - 15.11.2011 08:33
FSK-Wolf our newest Member passes successfully his time as a recruit and can be called a Full FSK Noob now.

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Community News
Welcome home Wutzel
FSK-Uriel - 23.10.2011 01:08
After a break that took a while we are pleased to welcome


back in FSK.

New Member: FSK-Wolf
FSK-Uriel - 19.10.2011 12:34
Its a pleasure for me to announce our newest Member.


joined our fine ranks.

Welcome on board m8.

Community News
DF Angel Falls - News from Novalogic
FSK-Uriel - 15.10.2011 10:34
Finally News about Angel Falls - the game we all were waiting for about years now:

The Link

Welcome to the Delta Force: Angel Falls Alpha Kit information page. As many of you know we have been working on the next major release of the Delta Force game for the last several years. The new product uses an entirely new engine that is now at a point to start being tested by selected members of our community.

Please keep in mind that this portion of the Alpha test is somewhat technical and may not be of much interest to many of you. To be more specific: This phase will be exercising a loading and update methodology that will allow subsequent distribution and updates. We will also test compatibility with handheld Wi-Fi devices such as tablet computers that run on Microsoft Windows 7/8. Members that become part of the test team will have the code delivered on DVD and on-line.

We will start out with a very small number of people and we will grow the test base as we progress into full-blown multiplayer testing.

We will accept requests for enrollment at the following email:

Please fill out the information below and we will contact selected testers are needed.

Full Name

Billing / Mailing Address - will be mailing physical product

Valid Email - will be communicating directly via email about testing - should be email registered on NovaWorld.

PCID Number - this is located on your page under details.

Computer Specs - need to start test with a certain level of hardware

We will start our selection process with VIP and Gold NovaWorld members.

Selection Member's prior behavior and communication skills will be key selection criteria.

All selections will be at NovaLogic's sole discretion.

Squad News
New TS Server IP
FSK-Uriel - 30.06.2011 21:55
For your information.

Since the 29.06.2011 TS was down. Currently we have another Server up and running.

Check The IP by Clicking "Teamspeak" on the left navigation bar.


Community News
FSK Gameservers are shut down
FSK-Uriel - 10.06.2011 09:38
For your information.

You donīt have to search for running FSK Servers. Atm all Servers are shut down because they are not needed.


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