Joint Operation Typhoon Rising is a FPS that is geared strictly for online play. Supporting games up to 150 players with map sizes up to 50 square km. You can choose your type of soldier from Rifleman, Engineer, Gunner, Medic or Sniper from one of seven different countries -- UK, France, Germany, Russia, Australia, Indonesia, and the U.S. Each class has different skills and weapons to choose from. There are 39 different weapons in all. Some of the best games can be enjoyed with a balance of each type of soldier. You are not going to be on a winning team with all the players choosing one class of soldier. There are 67 skins to choose from but limited voices.

Players can also drive, gun and fly a boatload of vehicles - 29 in all ranging from jeeps, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, boats, and the list goes on. Though some of these vehicles do have some mounted weapons that a player can use, they are not really designed to drive in and wreak havoc with. They are better used for carrying troops to objective points while providing light cover fire. Sure you can cause a lot of pain to the enemy with some attack helicopters, but you can just as easily be shot down with a shoulder-fired stinger missile or RPG.

The maps can be quite big ranging up to 50 square km. The objectives and key points are pretty straightforward so you won't be running around aimlessly. You can however, take a long way around to set up a good ambush point, which is a good way to go especially if you are a sniper. During game play the day changes to night, which really adds realism to the game. You can also use the sun's glare to your advantage. Nothing like picking a guy off from 400 meters and he can't tell where the shot came from because the sun is in his eyes. This makes for a good escape when flying when another chopper is hot on your tail, head for the sun and blind the dude.

There are currently six types of multiplayer games. They are Advance and secure, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Team King of the Hill, Co-Op and Capture the flag. All pretty solid games and a blast to play. Any military FPS fan will absolutely love this game. The graphics and sound are top notch, and the multiplayer experience is second to none.

Escalation adds new, heavier weapons and vehicles to Joint Operations, as well as new maps on which to use them. The new combat environments are creative and match the scale of the larger weapons now available. New maps to Escalation include an abandoned strip mine (complete with mining equipment), a chemical weapons facility, and a giant airfield. The maps maintain the large scale that previous players of Joint Operations will be used to, boasting that the maps span fifty square kilometers. On most maps, however, the action will only take place on a small percentage of that, insuring that the gameplay will be quick and exciting. Some maps are a bit more sprawling, necessitating the use of various land, sea, and air transports. The main appeal of Escalation, though, is all the new war materials you can use. What will grab gamer's attention is the inclusion of the heavier vehicles. Added to the already impressive list of vehicles for both sides are tanks and attack helicopters.

Escalation also adds a variety of personal weapons and extra equipment that can come in very handy against the enemy. Body armour has been added to give you the ability to take a few more hits from small arms, and you can also choose to take along a parachute if you plan on jumping (or falling) out of any aircraft. A pair of special weapons have been added to deal with vehicles, anti-tank mines and the Javelin personal missile.

International Conflict is a mod for the expansion pack JO Escalation. IC builds on the original game with additional weapons, vehicles, uniforms, and buildings, as well as modifying the environment and game effects.

The mod is intended to be used in connection with players participating in the International Conflict campaigns, organized by a private group of the same name. Each campaign consists of two sides playing the Advance and Secure (AAS) game mode fighting for territories on a map administered by the group. Players register and are randomly put on one of two sides, unless the player makes a donation to help fund the continued efforts of the group, in which case the player may choose their side. Once per week there is a battle day event, usually on a Sunday, where up to 250 people play together on the International Conflict game servers. Control of territories changes depending on outcome of the battles. Each battle day event is nine hours long, with battles lasting approximately ninety minutes; any given campaign is typically eight weeks. Furthermore, each side is set up in hierarchies of military ranks. Lower ranks are expected to follow orders from their superiors if they wish to continue playing. Players typically increase their rank by frequent participation.

However, some players do not participate in the International Conflict campaigns, preferring to instead play independently on Novalogic or private servers for the unique aspects of the game in its modified format. Unlike most mods, International Conflict supports single player mode.


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